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Mini Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holder

As well as the massive pumpkins we also grow these lovely little fella’s for florists autumnal arrangements and harvest festivals.

Freshly cut tiny pumpkin
Mini pumpkins for autumn flower arrangements, rustic events and weddings

The mini pumpkins are cute little things, they are quite solid and have a very waxy feel to the skin but are lovely to touch and handle. The photo is of the first mini pumpkin we have cut in 2015 as they have been very slow to ripen.

This one was destined to be used as a tea light holder so the centre was removed with a core drill, which makes a much better job than trying to carve it but does tend to cover the drill operator with a stripe of pumpkin mousse as it cuts into the pumpkin.

A little pumpkin being made into a tea light holder for a rustic wedding
Carve out the centre of the pumpkin for the tea light holder

The hole was cut to suit the Ikea Vasnas Tea Light Holders which are a perfect size for these little pumpkins.

The Ikea Vasnas tea light sits inside the hollowed out pumpkin
The Ikea Vasnas tea light is ideal for sitting inside the hollowed out pumpkin

Perfect for a rustic table decoration or for lining a pathway, the mini pumpkin candles are always a hit. These pumpkins can also be hollowed out for use as a pumpkin soup bowl

The finished pumpkin tea light candle holder
The finished pumpkin tea light candle holder

The small pumpkins are available to order now at just £1.50 each. We only have a limited number of these available so please order early to avoid disappointment. Pumpkins are perishable and can ‘go off’ with little warning but these are quite hardy chaps and can last for months if left intact. A wipe down with a mild bleach solution will always help.