Pumpkins For Sale

Pumpkins for sale

2018 Pumpkins SOLD OUT

2019 pumpkin sales

We usually have a selection of pumpkins ready for sale from September. If you want to choose from the pick of the crop before our Pumpkin Open Days you are very welcome to email or ring to make an appointment to visit and select from all those available. Please email sales@patio-plants.co.uk or ring Mark on 07834 324080 (office hours only) if you have any queries. Unfortunately we cannot ‘hold’ or ‘reserve’ pumpkins, it is strictly first come first served. All pumpkins must be paid for before they leave the yard and and we do not deliver, they MUST be collected in person.


A 727lb (330kg) Giant Pumpkin from our 2015 crop
A 727lb (330kg) Giant Pumpkin grown from a Clive Bevan seed

Our massive pumpkins are usually sold for  garden centre, supermarket or Halloween event centrepieces. These pumpkins (rarely less than 70kg but up to 700kg) are unlikely to fit in a car or go through a standard doorway without a fight. Pumpkins over 500lbs are usually supplied on a pallet with  those less than 500lb in a bulk bag. We can load you with a forklift at the yard.
Prices: Individually Priced
Stock: Sold Out



Grown for their big size, upright shape and the ever so important depth of flesh, our carefully selected varieties of carving pumpkins are perfect the more adventurous carver, whether you are just graduating from flimsy supermarket pumpkins or up for some seriously intricate 3D pumpkin carving.
Prices: Prices range from £5 to £15 each depending on size, weight and shape.
Stock: Sold Out


The squash of choice for celebrity pumpkin carvers and Chefs around the world
Prices: Prices range from £2
Stock: Sold Out


Galeux d’Eysines pumpkin: uniquely warty, very deep flesh and wonderfully tasty.
Prices: Prices range from £3 to £10 each.
Stock: Sold Out


Rouge Vif d’Etampes is an old French heirloom variety maturing into a large, smooth skinned, deep orange/red squash which allegedly provided the concept shape for the original Cinderella coach. Great for pumpkin displays but as an old heritage winter squash it is a good variety for eating.
Prices: Prices range from £3 to £10 each.
Stock: Sold Out

Muscade de Provence Squash

Originating from southern France, ‘Muscade de Provence’ is a big, heavy lobed squash that has a fine-flavored flesh that bakes well. The shell can be used as a soup tureen.
Prices: Prices range from £3 to £10 each.
Stock: Sold Out

Marina di Chioggia

Marina di Chioggia  (also known as sea pumpkin) is a dense, flavourful and silky. Called “suca baruca” (warty pumpkin) in Venetian dialect, the slightly squashed sphere with gnarled, dark green skin and vibrant orange flesh is rich and sweet enough, once cooked, to eat as a confection.
Prices: Prices range from £3 to £10 each.
Stock: Sold Out

Uchiki Kuri

Uchiki Kuri winter squash are good to eat and also fantastic in Autumnal table decorations and flower arrangements.

Prices: 50p each
Stock: Sold Out

Mini Pumpkins

Ideal for autumnal window dressing, table decorations, floral displays, painting for Halloween or hollowed out for soup bowls or candle holders.
Prices: £1 each (Volume sales: 150 for £100)
Stock:  Sold Out

We do not deliver pumpkins or pack pumpkins for couriers; collection in person only.
Pumpkins are a perishable commodity and can collapse, crack or rot without warning. No guarantees are offered or implied. All pumpkins are bought as seen with no returns or refunds accepted.

For any more information or queries please email sales@patio-plants.co.uk.

Really Really BIG Pumpkins
Buy direct from the farm

Cutting a large pumpkin for Halloween

Our massive giant pumpkins are just the thing for a striking centrepiece in your Halloween display

We grow a wide selection of giant pumpkins in a range of sizes for you to choose from. As they become available they will appear here for sale. Come early to browse through them all and pick a pumpkin best suited to your display or carving design. Giant pumpkins are sold on a strictly first come, first served basis. Giant pumpkins must be collected by the buyer. We do not deliver pumpkins and we do not pack pumpkins for collection by couriers.

Our big display pumpkins generally start to get listed for sale around late September. Carving pumpkins are generally offered for sale throughout October but they can be cut specially for photo shoots and promotions from mid September.

Pumpkins are a perishable commodity and can collapse, crack or rot without warning. No guarantees are offered or implied. All pumpkins are bought as seen with no returns or refunds accepted.