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Pumpkin Patch Photoshoots

All the 2017 slots for pumpkin patch photo shoots are now taken but we are taking bookings for 2018!

Skylar and Molly in the pumpkin patch
Skylar and Molly in the pumpkin patch

A nominal charge of £20/hr is made to cover the time I need to spend with you.  Bookings are taken from 1st September through until the last weekend in September.  Please remember that the weather is beyond my control and your booking fee is non refundable if cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice!

Giant Pumpkin Patch photo shoot
Giant Pumpkin Patch photo shoot

Cats Dog Photography Photoshoot

Unusual requests are all part of life when you grow big pumpkins but the call from Cat was a first; a Chihuahua in a pumpkin location photoshoot.

Making the most of a less than photogenic farm yard would always be a challenge but they were up for it and arrived on time and on a mission.

A number of shots were taken but it was when the Petzval 58 lens came out that I took more interest. It was a veritable piece of art in itself!


Poppy patiently did her bit for the camera and the finished shot for all their efforts is below. Fantastic!

Chihuahua in pumpkin
Cat’s Chihuahua in pumpkin photoshoot

For more info on Cats ‘On Location Dog Photography’ please visit

Inkin Photoshoot Pumpkins

It is only a couple of days since the Inkin team arrived in the yard to select a few pumpkins for use as props on their Halloween photoshoots.

Inkin Photography collecting their pumpkins
Inkin Photography collecting their pumpkins

It was great to see that the pumpkins had been put to work immediately when they released this cracking photo on facebook:

Inkin Photography Halloween Photoshoot
Inkin Photography Halloween Photoshoot

Good work guys!

More info:


How to select a pumpkin for 3D Carving

If you want to have a go at 3D Pumpkin carving then selecting the right pumpkin is key. Top pumpkin carver Brandy Davies has put together a short video explaining her thoughts on how to pick the best pumpkin for 3D pumpkin carving, explaining the different features that you should look for.

It is all fairly self explanatory but, if you have questions then we would be very happy to discuss the finer points when you are here at Big Pumpkins picking your perfect pumpkin. Go on – have a go!

First Pumpkins Ready

Here we go…. the season has officially started! I can’t ever remember having sold pumpkins in August before but what the Supermarket Ad Agency wants, it gets.

Just three pumpkins were needed for a ‘green screen’ shot to be used in a promotion later in the year. It was an odd mix but who am I to argue.

The first pumpkins sold in 2016
A mixed bag. The first pumpkins sold in 2016
Our early pumpkins are ideal for photo shoots and Chefs alike!
Our early pumpkins are ideal for photo shoots and Chefs alike!

Roast Pumpkin Fondue

Cut off the top of the Blue Hubbard pumpkin.  I used about 5 different knives and 3 different people, a saw may have helped!

A blue hubbard winter squash - perfect for roasting
A blue hubbard winter squash – perfect for roasting

Scoop out the fibre/seedy stuff and save to distribute to keen gardeners in the area.

Grate a variety of different cheeses into the hollow.  After Christmas this was very easy.  Cheddar, Caerphilly, Brie.  tried to grate some Cambozola – it mushes rather that grates, but it doesn’t matter, in it went.  Liberal Black pepper.  Some crushed garlic, a bit of Nutmeg.

Grating cheese into the inside of the squash
Grating cheese into the inside of the squash

Filled to the top with double cream.  Didn’t bother to stir.

I sat the pumpkin in a dish to catch any drips – there were none.

A lid was placed over the contents but I didn’t cover the whole thing in foil, I wanted the pumpkin to roast rather than steam.

Rub the skin with Olive oil.  This would have been MUCH easier if I had thought of it before filling it with the dairy mountain, but achievable with an extra pair of hands.

1 hour at 200’c

The roasted cheesy pumpkin
The roasted cheesy pumpkin

Lid off.  Loads of parmesan, back in for 10 mins.

More cheese required - Topping off the roast pumpkin dish with parmesan
More cheese required – Topping off the roast pumpkin dish with parmesan

Serve with friends, cola roast gammon, garlic green beans, crusty bread and more wine than is good for you. A perfect size to feed six people.

Serving the cheesy roast pumpkin fondue
Serving the cheesy roast pumpkin fondue

The final bit of this tale involves the remnants of the pumpkin which were  put outside for the chickens to peck at but which were scoffed very rapidly by a most delighted border collie/spaniel cross. She ate the whole of it; including the hard shell, luckily with no ill effects.

Q. Who ate all the pumpkin A. Kipper
Q. Who ate all the pumpkin?  A. Kipper
Roast Blue Hubbard pumpkin with cheese and garlic filling
Roast Blue Hubbard pumpkin with cheese and garlic filling

Jacky x

Galeux d’Eysines Pumpkin Bolognaise

In our quest to resurrect interest in pumpkins beyond the ‘supermarket’ halloween pumpkin that the UK is most familiar with, we grew a small quantity of the culinary acclaimed Galeux d’Eysines heritage squash. Packed off with a nice family sized specimen, Jacky and Graham were tasked with recreating the pumpkin bolognaise dish popular on the continent.

Here is their photo record of the big event:

Step 1: Prepare Bolognaise

….on an Aga with two dogs just in case anything falls on the floor

galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_2 galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_1

Step 2: Prepare the Pumpkin

Get a Massive Pumpkin


Cut a star shape out, carefully, with a really big knife.


Really struggle to get the flippin thing out. Utilise a teenager and all sorts of kitchen equipment, bend a lot of it.

Finally succeed.

galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_6 galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_7

Remove the seeds and stringy bits

Step 3: Pour in the Bolognaise


Put the lid back on the pumpkin and rub olive oil all over the outside, to make it look nice.


Put it on a massive foil lined tray. Fail to fit it in the Aga! Electric oven to the rescue.


Step 4: Cook in the oven

180 degrees for about 1- 1.5 hours.


Step 5: Remove from the oven

Remove the lid, once again requiring creative use of kitchen equipment.


Smells ace ….  one little improvement required …..

Step 6: Improvement

Needs loads of freshly grated parmesan


Step 7: Serve

With garlic bread & crusty bread to a hungry group of 8.

galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_15 galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_16 galeux_d_eysines_pumpkin_bolognaise_17

Step 8: Leftovers

All the leftover pumpkin – and PLENTY of it.  Whizzed with the hand whizzer, frozen in portions to thin down with chicken stock and make soup, or to make a yummy sauce for curry.


Nom nom nom
Graham & Jacky O’Hanlon

Mini Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holder

As well as the massive pumpkins we also grow these lovely little fella’s for florists autumnal arrangements and harvest festivals.

Freshly cut tiny pumpkin
Mini pumpkins for autumn flower arrangements, rustic events and weddings

The mini pumpkins are cute little things, they are quite solid and have a very waxy feel to the skin but are lovely to touch and handle. The photo is of the first mini pumpkin we have cut in 2015 as they have been very slow to ripen.

This one was destined to be used as a tea light holder so the centre was removed with a core drill, which makes a much better job than trying to carve it but does tend to cover the drill operator with a stripe of pumpkin mousse as it cuts into the pumpkin.

A little pumpkin being made into a tea light holder for a rustic wedding
Carve out the centre of the pumpkin for the tea light holder

The hole was cut to suit the Ikea Vasnas Tea Light Holders which are a perfect size for these little pumpkins.

The Ikea Vasnas tea light sits inside the hollowed out pumpkin
The Ikea Vasnas tea light is ideal for sitting inside the hollowed out pumpkin

Perfect for a rustic table decoration or for lining a pathway, the mini pumpkin candles are always a hit. These pumpkins can also be hollowed out for use as a pumpkin soup bowl

The finished pumpkin tea light candle holder
The finished pumpkin tea light candle holder

The small pumpkins are available to order now at just £1.50 each. We only have a limited number of these available so please order early to avoid disappointment. Pumpkins are perishable and can ‘go off’ with little warning but these are quite hardy chaps and can last for months if left intact. A wipe down with a mild bleach solution will always help.