Big Pumpkins

Specialist Pumpkin Grower

Two giant pumpkins on a trailer
Two giant pumpkins ready to go

We grow BIG pumpkins for shop and garden centre display centrepieces, festivals, photoshoots but, most of all, for serious pumpkin carvers. We also grow a range of specialist pumpkins and squashes with a thick wall of flesh favoured by 3D pumpkin carvers and Chefs alike. We don’t have a shop, we don’t sell wholesale, you are buying directly off the grower.

Giant Pumpkins

We strive to grow a wide selection of giant pumpkins in a range of sizes for you to choose from. Stock availability is posted on the blog section of this website as it becomes available for sale (usually around the middle of October). You are very welcome to browse all unsold stock and pick a pumpkin best suited to your display or carving design. The giant pumpkins are sold on a strictly first come, first served basis.

A 727lb (330kg) Giant Pumpkin from our 2015 crop
A 727lb (330kg) Giant Pumpkin from our 2015 crop

Carving Pumpkins

Our ‘Carving Pumpkins’ are a selected variety grown specifically for 3D Pumpkin Carving. Not only are they big and tall with a good orange colour but, essential for 3D carving, they have a deep wall of dense flesh. They can weigh up to 100lb but, unlike most of the giant pumpkins, they will fit into a car and through a standard doorway.

Large Halloween carving pumpkins
Large Halloween carving pumpkins

Specialist Squash, Gourds and Pumpkins

For the serious carvers out there, we will also have a very limited supply of the ‘Ray Villafane’ blue hubbard squash along with a few other weird and wonderful varieties for you to try. We also grow a range of favourite heritage ‘eating’ pumpkin varieties or use in harvest festival or shop window displays.

Prices: Please see Pumpkins for sale for stock and prices

PLEASE NOTE: We do not deliver pumpkins.
Unless stated otherwise, Pumpkins must be collected from Hesketh Bank, Lancashire PR4 6AE. Pumpkins are fragile and, once they have been loaded onto your vehicle,  the pumpkin becomes the buyer’s responsibility to pack and secure the pumpkin for transit. We do not accept returns or provide refunds for cracked, collapsed or damaged pumpkins. Every pumpkin is sold ‘as seen’.